That’s What You Want – That’s What A Producer Wants

As Your Script Consultant – I Will Help You Achieve This!

“Most concepts start with a single magical moment or visual that the screenwriter can’t get out of their head. That’s the seed — whether it’s the beginning, turning point, or final scene of the story. The screenplay is about building onto that magical moment or visual to create something truly special.”
Nora Ephron

“Writing never comes easy. The difference between Page 2 and Page Nothing is the difference between life and death.”
Aaron Sorkin

“To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script, and the script.”
Alfred Hitchcock

Because I know that regardless of budget, every production lives or dies by the caliber of the story being told! I’ve been in a unique position to see firsthand, upfront what works and what doesn’t.

So whether you’re a professional writer who needs a fresh eye, or a new writer working through the craft and creative drive of your first story, I am ready and completely committed to using my extensive, practical knowledge to help you fully realize your story in the most irresistible and compelling way.

Ready to get started?


You only get one shot at impressing a Producer.

You’ve finished your script. You’ve done the tough creative work and written a fantastic story complete with a unique premise, crisp dialogue, dynamic characters, and escalating dramatic conflict. You can’t wait to send it out.

You want the world to read your script – DON’T

Now is the time to stop typing and step back – because, in truth, excellent writing is about rewriting. You know YOUR story but I know STORY. Let me help you see the whole picture of the script you’ve written. Is the story structure relevant, strong, and consistent? Are the characters believable, complex, and compelling? Is your dramatic tension impactful with ever-rising arcs?

For the last twenty-five years, whether as a Script Consultant, Assistant Director, or Producer, I have worked with some of the most talented Writers, Directors, and Actors creating films and television series. I’ve worked for Netflix, Disney, Fox Studios, Warner Brothers. Also, I’ve worked for the local Producer/Writer who is creating an independent film.

I don’t just do script analysis,

I take scripts and make them into films.

My experience is unique because I’m in the room when the Director and Writer are working on script changes, and then I take the script on to set and make it come to life. I understand what kind of scripts Producers are looking for, and I know how to solve the story problems when the script isn’t working for them.


“If you need a fresh pair of eyes on your script, you can’t do better than Catherine. She will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your script that covers all aspects of it, from style to substance. She is thorough, objective, and driven only by the quality of the screenwriting craft. Do yourself a favor and let her help – you will love the results.”


Wow…this is amazing. This is exactly what I needed. I have now been into it for a few days, figuring out how to tackle it. I just went out and got 300 index cards and SO understand why this is a good process, and you did PROMISE me! I can see why this is the way to lay it out before I start the REWRITE.

Thanks again Catherine for your thoughts and examples. You have taught and hopefully will teach me more moving forward, very excited to be part of your Master Class!